Porsche Engine Out... Now what?

Porsche Engine Out... Now what?

Model: Porsche

You've got the engine out, now what???

First of all, congratulations.  That was no small task!!!  Now you need to decide what to do.  Not just from a performance perspective, but who will you trust to do the work on your baby's powerplant?

The way we see it, you have three choices:

1. Rebuild it yourself - Do It Yourself (DIY) is the lifeblood of the car scene.  DIY can lead to an amazing sense of satisfaction.  But also has the potential for a long road of frustration.  As long as you know, going into the project, what it takes, you can do it!  There are special tools that you will need.  They will cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars if you buy them outright.  But, you can probably sell them down the road and recoup some of your investment.  You will spend months, if not years, taking it apart, cleaning it, getting parts refurbished, and then doing the research and learning required to put everything back together for a long, reliable lifetime of fun driving.  Check out our blog page for a few DIY tips.

2. Let your buddy do it - Sometimes things can be too good to be true.  You have a buddy who built a few motors over the years.  Maybe some V8's, and maybe even a few VW's!  Unfortunately, unless they have put their hands on a few Porsche 911 engines, those couple of six-packs you were envisioning paying him with will most likely result in a stalled project that could have the potential to ruin a friendship.  This reality doesn't only apply to your buddy... but to the shop you found that gave you a lowball cost and schedule estimate that is literally too good to be true.

3. Call BreitWerks - We can help.  We will talk you through how to strap the engine to a pallet so we can send our shipper to pick it up from your garage.  One thing is for certain, there will still be plenty for you to do!  While the drivetrain is out, you can go through the brakes, tidy up that pesky wiring, redo that suspension you've always wanted to take on.  We will help you make educated decisions about upgrades and where you can most efficiently spend your money to make sure you get the utmost enjoyment from your four wheeled baby.  Go ahead, give us a call.  We won't even give you a hard time about the engine being out for the better part of this milleniium.  We might just make your day.  321-806-8664

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