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Porsche's go fast.  They need to stop faster!  

Brake Fluid Flush - Brake fluid is hygroscopic... it attracts water.  At a minimum you need to ensure your brake fluid is "flushed"; flushed, not just bled, every three years.  

Brake Pads - Brake pads wear depending on your driving style.  Some people get 20,000 miles, some get 75,000 miles.  Brake pads ablate, basically they shed particles to remove heat.  That's why your wheels are always dirty.  If you're not taking your vehicle on the track, talk to us about the latest ceramic pads that will keep your wheels cleaner and maintain your braking performance.

Brake Rotors - Many people replace pads and don't give a second thought to the big shiny rotors you see through the wheels.  Those big shiny rotors do most of the work.  Those rotors are big, very big.  This allows them to absorb and dissipate heat so you won't experience brake fade.  Porsche rotors get replaced, not "turned", "cut", or "trued".  Anything but replacing your rotors will reduce the amount of mass and the ability to remove heat.  Most of the time, these machined rotors will warp after a moderate amount of use which results in you paying for ANOTHER brake job all over again.  

Caliper Rebuild - If you flush your brake fluid every three years, you will never need to talk to us about a caliper rebuild.  However, if your car is pulling or you see one of the rotors isn't as shiny as the others, you might need a caliper rebuilt.  This is a common service that we perform for cars that have been stored for long periods of time and are being put back on the road.  The water that is absorbed into the brake fluid after many years causes the internals of the caliper to rust and not work smoothly.  

Big Brake Kits - Our favorite upgrade for brakes come from Brembo.  The Brembo GT series of caliper and rotor big brake kits are awesome.  If you're ready for the stopping performance or even the aesthetic look of a big brake kit, we are here to help!

If your Porsche isn't stopping as well as it is going, give us a call.  We can help get rid of those squealing and grinding noises and restore the premium braking performance of your Porsche.


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