Oil Change

Oil Change

Model: Air-Cooled & Water-Cooled

With the introduction of Porsche Classic oil, there is finally a solution to late night worries over whether or not the newer oil additive packages will support the air-cooled engines.  Porsche Classic has developed a synthetic blend for the 3.0L and earlier cars as well as a full synthetic offering for the 3.2L and later engines.  In addition to a correctly formulated oil, Porsche Classic has also begun to reproduce the correct "red" oil filter for the earlier air-cooled cars.

For the water-cooled cars, fortunately we are still able to easily source the correct, original "Factory Fill" Mobil 1 oils and OE filters making it easier to maintain and correctly care for these engineering marvels.

If you'd like to have your oil change handled with the kind of attention to detail you would expect on a sophisticated performance machine, give us a call to schedule an appointment.  321-806-8664

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