Breitwerks Testimonials


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Bill B. 997.2 S

Jason tackled a job that other's feared, and emerged victorious. Thanks for having the stones to do it!

Curt G. / Dietrich

Sometimes in the affairs of men, passion runs deep and burns hot. Such is the way of Porsche aficionados. Such should be the way of the mechanic who is working on your beloved Porsche.Jason Breitfeller at BreitWerks is such a man.  His enthusiasm for the iconic brand permeates the way he approaches his charge. Jason worked diligently to sort-out a great many issues with my 1989 930.  From doing research, touching bases with many experts throughout the country to find the correct and most advantageous solutions, to refreshing the appearance of the externals of the Engine, he went the proverbial "extra mile".The driving characteristics of my 930 are fully sorted out: the engine has never run so smooth, the new clutch with a lightweight flywheel is unbelievable. The one bar spring in new Tial wastegate adds wonderful extra zing. Excellence is Expected for the Porsche brand and Jason delivered more than I expected.

Rachel E. / Grey Ghost

Exactly what  Brevard County needed. Professional, trustworthy, competent services for all foreign car needs. Thank you Jason, my Cayenne S has never been happier. - 2008 Cayenne S

Leda C. / Carrry

Jason is a wonderful professional and I am more than happy with the services he provided for my car.  With some malfunctions popping up on my screen and a few other issues I didn't fully understand the severity of, I took my car to BreitWerks to have it looked at.  Jason took great care to not only explain exactly what needed to be done to fix the problem(s) but also did his job in a timely manner so I could have my car as soon as possible. - 2002 C230 Kompressor

Erik E. / Great White

She appreciated the resuscitation! Thanks Breitwerks! -2006 Cayman S

Pablo C. / Bumblebee

BreitWerks equals quality.  I trust them implicitly to work on my Boxster.  Thank you for your great service!