Special Projects

Special Projects

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Do you have a dream vehicle that occupies your thoughts? BreitWerks is uniquely equipped to help your dream vehicle become something you can drive in real life!

BreitWerks founder, Jason Breitfeller, has been making dreams come true by developing methods to efficiently and effectively turn your idea in reality. Whether it is restoring a Porsche 930S factory slopenose to a concours level or putting power adders on engines that weren’t there to begin with, BreitWerks can help by applying our experience to your project.

Do you have a box of parts in your garage that you see everyday and sigh with frustration? Do you want big horsepower, big turbochargers, or modern fuel injection? Are you a hardcore DIY’er that just needs a little extra help to push your project over the goal line? Whatever the case, BreitWerks is unique in the fact that we understand your passion, your exuberance, and your limitations. Whether you are time constrained, physically unable to finish or any other number of reasons, we are here to help your dream come true.

Has your car been sitting at a workshop for years as a result of them not having the time, expertise or passion to finish your project? No one wants to turn away a customer, but sometimes a shop will take on more responsibility than it can handle. BreitWerks is steeped in Project Management experience that will ensure reasonable time and budget estimates are given up front. Certainly some projects will be estimated at more than a customer is willing to spend or an amount of time that is too long for their taste. But, we do our best to ensure that all of our projects are started with a realistic understanding of what it will take to turn dreams into RPMs on your motor and miles of road under your tires.

Give us a call, or better yet, come by our shop and take a seat on the coolest stools in town. We want to hear about your passion and have an opportunity to see if BreitWerks is the right partner for your special project.

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