IMS Solution Installation Services

IMS Solution Installation Services

Model: 996 & 986 Boxster, Early 987 Boxster/Cayman, Early 997

The Intermediate Shaft Bearing (IMS) issue has plagued 1997-2009 Porsche's for years.  Up until BreitWerks discovered the "Solution" from LN Engineering, we were very hesitant to even work on the wasser-cooled Porsche's.  All of the IMS products made before this were simply a band-aid that needed to be replaced after a certain number of miles (read the fine print).  We don't like the idea of "snake oil" so we stayed away.  

Finally, LN Engineering, has come out with, and more importantly made available, a product that essentially makes the IMS one of the last parts that will cause engine failure on the M96 motor in the Boxster and 996.  The product is called the "IMS Solution".  The beauty of the Solution is that it remvoes the ball bearings from the intermediate shaft and replaces them with a plain, oil-fed bearing... the kind that have been around since the beginning of the automobile.  

The process takes about a week.  It begins with a thorough qualification process.  First, the engine electronics are queried for any camsaft timing related issues.  Next, the sump plate is removed and the sump area is inspected for any telltale signs or issues.  Finally, the flywheel is removed and the IMS flange and bearing are visually inspected.  If all of those parameters are met, then in goes the IMS Solution.  This process is most cost and time effective if done in conjunction with a clutch change.

This cost and time effective process of intalling the Solution is applicable to all Porsche cars from 1997 to 2005.  986 Boxster, 996, Early 987 Boxster and Cayman, Early, Base 997 cars.  Anything after that (M97 engine) requires the engine to be completely rebuilt for the Solution to be installed.

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